Peroni Nastro Azzuro Logo


Branded Merchandise


Peroni Nastro Azzurro and the associated House of Peroni have big presence at both Royal Ascot and BST Hyde Park, their key summer events. Prominate were briefed to provide a range of POS and clothing that represented the brand and quality of Peroni, and in some cases pivot to be also able to represent Peroni Capri, the new lighter citrus lager. In addition, quantities need to be flexible and lead-times short due to the variations in pre-planning and budget.


Prominate brought together several products from its wide manufacturing base, with a particular focus on UK print and production. Colour needed to be balanced across items as they were all going to be used together. Quality needed to be premium to represent the brand while using as many recycled or sustainable material elements as possible.


Delivered on time before the events to the set build partners, the Clothing, POS and merchandise blended with the bars and venue sets to deliver a seamless Peroni visual experience at many different touchpoints at Royal Ascot and BST, helping the guests “Live Every Moment”.

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