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Peroni commissioned eminent architect designer Andrea Morgante for their new barware items. His approach was to establish an emotional connection and focus on the importance of their blue-ribbon asset to create a sense of style, mindfulness and attitude. We were tasked with the dynamic development of their trademark blue ribbon on the ice bucket and bottle opener. As part of this, we were briefed to ensure we aligned with both Andreas’s vision and with the above the line campaign.


Our approach was to review the initial 3D designs and renders from Andrea and worked with the factory to create 3D printed samples. For both products, some of the challenges we faced were around construction and functionality. Our solution for the ice bucket was to work on various solutions with fixings and creating outline annotated drawings. We introduced a white bucket design which eradicated any blemishes. With the bottle openers, we also had to consider the shape, durable anodization, and surface quality. For this, we integrated various techniques for metallic finishes, reworked the opening mechanism, and removed defects from the anodization process. Both items had high quality manufacturing and finishes.


Prominate successfully managed to create a suite of POS which truly reflected the brand positioning, and Andrea’s aesthetic vision and tied in with the above the line campaign, allowing the digital and physical assets to work seamlessly in delivering the brand messaging. Due to the popularity of the ribbon bottle opener, Peroni ran a separate on pack promotion for consumers.

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